Jump Send Review: Everything You Need to Know About Jump Send

Are you a prospective Amazon Seller or an existing one looking for extending your portfolio? In both the cases, you need an effective strategy to launch and promote your product(s). Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and techniques, like Jump Send, capable to help you and boost your sales on Amazon.

Most sellers are aware of such tools but they don’t use them because of confusion, they don’t know whether it will be the right choice to make their business successful or not. Being an existing or prospective Amazon seller, you might have come across “Jump Send” either online or offline.

But being aware of its existence is not enough!

Yes, I know. That’s why today I am going to review Jump Send that includes its working, features, and various other things. All this will help you decide whether to go for it or avoid it completely.

About Jump Send

Most probably Amazon expected that by opening its doors to third-party sellers, the number of seller accounts being opened by newbies would triple or even double. The catch-22 that they placed here is launching a product that would sell well and give you reviews.

You see, a few years ago online marketing was as easy as getting your product or site to be ranked first. Google realized that many people were using unfair means to beat their competitors and scripted new rules for the game. Google still uses product ranking, but this is no longer about how many links you have, it’s about how much feedback, reviews, and rating you have.

The more your product reviews, the higher your business will be ranked and the more sales you’re likely to make. Consequently, a high number of sales lead to more reviews and higher ranking. For new sellers, getting a traction and a good number of initial sales sets you up on a path of success.

As you can see this sales-rank-review deal is a continuous cycle, so what is the solution to it? The cycle obviously starts from getting high sales which will automatically get your business ranked higher and attracting more sales. Reviews will just be a way to boost the rating that you get from your sales.

Of everything that has been mentioned up to know, getting customers to leave you a review can give you a severe headache. A tool like Jump Send uses an intelligent software to persuade buyers to leave for your feedback after their experience with you.

According to the claims made by Jump Send, it is the most appropriate tool for coupon distribution and automating Amazon emails. This automated email campaign boosts the number of organic reviews which ultimately helps the Amazon sellers to enhance their sales.

How Jump Send Works?

As a new business, getting initial sales and reviews might be more difficult than you anticipated. There are three top known strategies for getting sales;

  1. Run promotions and Giveaways
  2. Drive buyers to your item by running Amazon ads.
  3. Attract people to your landing page of Amazon product through Facebook ads.

For reviews, the most popular strategy at the moment is sending emails and coupons to people who have bought your products. For this strategy to work, timing is everything. And that’s why Autoresponder is the number one best friend to every Amazon seller hunting for reviews.

Jump Send has crowned itself as the best Autoresponder in the market; claiming that its applicability transcends email automation. This tool has been designed to come to the aid of new Amazon sellers and experienced ones who don’t know the trick to getting reviews. It can help get you organic reviews by running email campaigns.

In short, Jump Send reaches out to your customer after a purchase and requests them to leave a Feedback. The feedback will market your product and encourage new purchase from other potential buyers. The system also monitors these reviews and notify the seller in the event of a negative review so they can resolve the issue immediately and maintain a high feedback score.  

Products Appearance

I am adding this section to let you know how Jump Send organizes your products, how they appear. Have a look at the product window below:

Jump Send Review

The best feature of such an arrangement is that you yourself can edit the titles of your product(s). This was not the same in previous Jump Send where you have to use that product’s title on Amazon. This page also allows you to decide on which products you require promotions.

Key Features

Although leaving a review only takes a few minutes, best believe that few buyers willingly leave a feedback following their purchase. Jump Send offers a solution to getting honest reviews which generate authentic sales.

This service has a marketplace with an audience of over 100,000 consumers in search of quality products. These shoppers are willing to buy from you if you market your products effectively. Jump Send then uses its Autoresponder to communicate with your customers.

Sending a message to a customer is not enough; the email must reach the buyer at the right time, and with the right message. This service has a variety of automated tools that make it easier for a seller to ensure this.

  • Automated Emails: This is the top feature in Jump Send. It allows Amazon sellers to customize and schedule their emails. There are different parameters that can be used to trigger the Autoresponder to send an email to a buyer. Examples of these are; delivery confirmation, shipping confirmation, and purchase approved.
  • Managing Returns: Returns are problematic for a number of reasons. First, if a seller fails to handle a return properly, the buyer can be infuriated and leave a negative review that will hurt the reputation of the product. To prevent a return situation, Jump Send will promptly notify a merchant that a return is in the process.
  • Increasing Sales Velocity: Jump Send offers Amazon sellers a ready market and all they need to do is promote their product. There are numerous promotion opportunities which make launching a new product and getting initial sales easier and faster.
  • Promotions: Jump Send purports to be capable of dramatically increasing sales velocity and rank as it has a wide access to ready-to-buy consumers and seller protection assured.
  • Amazon Compliant: Amazon has been constantly making changes to its policy, and compliance is, therefore, a great concern for sellers. Jump Send is fully compliant with these policies and there’s no need to worry over that.

How Key Features Work?

Whether products or services, all have some attractive features. It’s true in the case of Jump Send also. The following two are amongst its major features making it the first choice of every Amazon Seller:

Enhanced Search Rank

According to their website, the promotions through Jump Send help the Amazon sellers to get higher sales numbers and rank higher at Amazon. This is a simple 4 step procedure:

Step 1: Assuming that you have synced the Amazon account, the first thing you should select which of your product needs promotion.

Jump Send Review

Step 2: Now, utilize their advanced keywords targeting feature and enter the most important keywords for your product. This will boost your product’s organic ranking.

Jump Send Review

Step 3: Now, it’s time to upload the Amazon coupons. So, copy your coupon(s) from Seller Central and paste them.

Jump Send Review

Step 4: Finally, your promotion gets published, customers can start claiming the coupons. Yes, it’s very simple.

Jump Send Review

Amazing Reviews

With this feature of Jump Send, your chances to get genuine reviews for your products at Amazon increases manifolds (up to 8 times). When you send targeted follow-up emails to the customers, your products not only get desired recognition but reduced negative feedbacks as well. This also involves simple 4 steps:

Step 1: Schedule a time when your buyers get automated emails. It can be at the time of confirmation of order, after shipping, or after the delivery.

Jump Send Review

Step 2: Now, you should personalize the emails. For saving the time choose from the available templates, just add your logo and dynamically put the information like the name of the customer.

Jump Send Review

Step 3: According to the customer’s behavior, you can use this email marketing instrument to further communicate with the buyer. So, make the perfect use of drag and drop layout.

Jump Send Review

Step 4: Now, if the refunds are initiated, get in touch with the buyers with automated emails. This will prevent them from negatively reviewing your products.

Jump Send Review

Is Jump Send available for all markets?

Jump Send is available in various markets, but not all countries are covered. Currently, the countries supported are the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Mexico. Promotion tools are only available for users in the UK and US.

Why Jump Send is a Game changer?

Every market expert will tell you that communicating in the right way and at the right time is the key to success in any online business. When it comes to Jump Send being a game changer, it surely is. How?

Because it is an established marketplace with more than 100,000 shoppers. The sellers can make perfect use of its automated software for sending emails at different stages of and after shopping. This not only brings organic feedback from buyers but also helps in getting consistent sales for your products.

Moreover, it offers a free 3-day trial that allows sellers to test the effectiveness of the service. They have an easy way to get interested buyers ready to purchase your products and boost their ranking.

So, Jump Send is Perfect?

After learning about so many effective and fruitful features of Jump Send, this question arises in almost everybody’s mind. But, remember nothing is perfect and this applies to Jump Send too. Where does it lack?

Yes, it has certain flaws such as all the niches are not contained in this tool, only a limited number of marketplaces are supported by it, and buyers do not get any direct incentive to review the products. If you need buyers to help in boosting your business, you should incentivize them with some benefits.

Helping you to Grow

The services mentioned above can be availed by paying a subscription fee but there are some free resources provided by Jump Send which equally help the Amazon sellers to grow. This shows their devotion towards the success of sellers. The free sources are:

  • Free Webinars and Training: The webinars are related to product launch and keyword ranking where sellers learn how they can increase the sales of their products and get a higher number of reviews. If you are an Amazon seller, you will learn the best ways to strategically rank your items higher on Amazon.
  • Free eBooks and downloads: You can download the free email templates and learn how to write better emails and increase the number of organic reviews for your products on Amazon. The free eBook is named “Amazon Growth Hacking 101” which helps you to develop the skills required to sell a large number of products on Amazon.
  • Informative Blog Posts: With their popular and informative blog posts, you can gain all the knowledge an Amazon seller should have. You learn how to boost your sales from the very first day, how to protect the listings, blacklisting the unsubscribed customers, and many others.

If you are looking for additional resources helpful for Amazon sellers but don’t want to spend money, then the website of Jump Send should be your destination.

Pros and Cons

  • Developed by experts, the creators of Jungle Scout and Jump Send are same.
  • Sellers get access to an established marketplace where shoppers already wait for discount coupons.
  • Increases keywords as well as sales ranking.
  • No need to spend on Amazon or Facebook ads.

  • Free trial period is very short, just 3 days.
  • Doesn’t work with Kindle eBooks, and a few other categories.

Final Thoughts

Jump Send has maintained the quality of its services, adopting new products in line with Amazon modifications. It changed its name form Review Kick 24 hours after the most recent policy changes made by Amazon. It’s also constantly working on its software, improving its user interface to give users an easier experience with coupon code distribution and running promotions.

I personally think that if being an Amazon seller, you are ready to start a cost-effective and thoughtful marketing campaign, then Jump Send will ease it for you.

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