The Ultimate Feedbackwhiz Review: Everything You Need To Know

Looking for Feedbackwhiz to boost your sales on Amazon?

You can boost sales on Amazon from experience, soliciting reviews and feedback from customers but it can be one of the hardest things not only for you but for every Amazon seller. An automation tool can help you achieve this, save your time, and provide you with enough time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Wondering how?

Understand it this way. Today, the sale of your products on Amazon marketplace is directly related to the positive feedback and high rating on your product. Motivating buyers to leave positive feedback is the biggest challenge Amazon sellers, like you, are facing today.

When positive feedback and ratings can enhance your sales, negative reviews and ratings can badly affect your profit book. Moreover, negative feedback also impacts new product launch. In order to avoid bad reviews and increase sales, taking the help of online tools always works.

One such tool is Feedbackwhiz, you might have read about it on the internet or someone using it might have told you about it. If you are concerned about it serving your online business as per the expectations, don’t worry because after going through this Feedbackwhiz review, you can easily decide whether to go for it or not.

About Feedbackwhiz

Feedbackwhiz is an advanced software that offers an all-inclusive solution to Amazon sellers looking to improve product reviews, automate high-volume emails, repair feedback and increase their overall profits.

In short, Feedbackwhiz automates, monitors, and manages orders, product reviews, and feedback. You can make customized HTML emails or run effective email campaigns which can increase your product review conversion rate.

This software has been built using the latest technology that enables users to enjoy a range of Amazon seller tools. It summarizes the sellers account in one page allowing you to see the number of reviews given for each product, the number of emails sent and which product sold the most.

With its A/B split test feature, you can easily modify the content and subject lines of your emails and make your email campaigns more effective. You can view all the order related data metrics like repeat customers, promotions, shipping related information, and others.

Moreover, you can view all the detailed metrics and product reviews on a single screen. You can also find out exactly which buyer gave the review. In addition to this, you can download all the reports related to orders, buyers, and reviews. Most Amazon sellers use these reports to run customized audience promotions on social media platforms like Facebook to target the customers again.

How Feedbackwhiz Works?

Every success-driven Amazon businessman or woman understands that the biggest driver to getting more goods off the shelf is maintaining high product review ratings and getting good feedback. But running an Amazon business is challenging without the hassle of trying to prevent or remove negative feedback.

Feedbackwhiz uses automation technologies to give you an overview of your progress and also administer actions such as sending emails. Everything (all tools) the system is doing for you is contained in one page. For example; there’s a simple showing returning customers and an extra one showing their order status.

All your product data is also on a single screen. You can view, group and organize the products or use the buyer matching tool to repair and protect your brand name.

When you first sign in to the platform (there’s a trial version) you get a tutorial on how to use the tools offered. For example, there’s a step-by-step guide on how to customize and fully configure your email campaigns. A life preview editor helps you create a template of your style. The editor features custom HTML, allows file attachment, and has animated GIFs among others.

How exactly Feedbackwhiz remove or modify negative reviews?

You will encounter people denying that Feedbackwhiz can’t remove or modify negative reviews. Their view is according to their knowledge but as you know that success on Amazon is all about strategy. If you move according to some tested strategies, you can get rid of negative reviews without many efforts.

What is that strategy?

This strategy is simple and not possible without Feedbackwhiz. You just need to follow these simple steps:

Send the buyer who gave you negative review an email. Make sure that you write a strong subject line leading to opening of that message. Coming to the content, sincerely apologize for the problem he or she faced. Ask them for a replacement or refund but remember DON’T ASK that replacement or refund will be offered if they remove or update the negative review.

If the buyer opened your email, maximum chances are that you will receive a reply. There can be two cases:

  1. If the buyer asks for the refund, refund their money and politely ask them about any other concern they want to be addressed. Thank the buyer for mentioning the problem in the review and tell them the importance of review. Again, DON’T ASK for modifying or removing the negative review.
  2. If the buyer asks for a replacement, send an email with tracking number and again apologize for any problem faced. Here also, DON’T ASK to remove or modify the review.

In both the cases, your approach towards the customer’s problem will satisfy them. And as seen most of the times, customers often modify or remove the negative review because after being content, they don’t have any reason to keep that negative review.

However, there can be times when the buyer doesn’t respond. In such a case, you should clarify and apologize with the help of “comment” box located below the review. Also, ask the buyer to directly contact you through support contact. This may again fail to get a response from the customer but your future customers will see that you are a responsible seller and are always ready to assist them, even after sales.     

Key Features

Feedbackwhiz allows a multi-user access meaning you can assign employees the ASINs to manage right from when you take the 30-day free trial. This software offers an impressive number of features. These include:

  • Dashboards Interface
  • Graphs and Statistics
  • Buyer and/or Order blacklist
  • Advanced Order Search Engine
  • Critical Event Notifications
  • Email Tracking and Analytics
  • Positive Feedback integration
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Repeat Buyer notifier
  • Duplicate email detection
  • Email template builder
  • Campaign filters and timers
  • Email template builder
  • Logo and attachments
  • Easy variable insertion
  • Customizable email links
  • Live email preview

All these features are offered through Feedbackwhiz that offers you with a solution to reach your bottom line. I have summarized the best uses of these features, let’s have a look:

Order Management

Feedbackwhiz has an advanced order management system that tracks and manages your order database saving you time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Your order metrics, customer data and sent orders are all synced on one platform.

The filtered data is one way this software uses to save your valuable time. Another is the search function that uses the available order metric to get what you want without going through many pages.

Feedbackwhiz Review

There’s also an email function that Feedbackwhiz uses to engage your customers. An auto-email is sent to your customers whether they have purchased an order using a voucher, returned, unshipped an order or are a repeat customer. You can customize the emails but that’s everything you need to do as the system will use the appropriate matrix to send the suitable email.

Product Review

Feedbackwhiz has a mix of product review tools in one bracket. As all your products are presented on the same platform, you can analyze, manage and repair your “bad’” product reviews. You’ll receive instant notifications in your email when a buyer leaves a bad review. You can contact the customer using their details since these are keyed in by virtue that reviews are posted. You may, however, require software extensions to remove the post.

Feedbackwhiz Review

Feedback Repair

Having automated feedback can help you engage your customers more. The more the positive feedback you get the better for your sales and revenue. The repair management tool helps to remove the negative feedback that can hurt your business. This is a one-click function where after being notified about the feedback you click on it to eliminate it.

Feedbackwhiz Review

This tool has very intelligent analytics. You can leverage these to create effective campaigns that attract more buyers.

Email Automation

Feedbackwhiz will create and automate emails without stressing you with formats or test checks. The platform has a simple email creator where you click and drop variables to create and customize an ideal email. You can monitor and manage the statistics to know the best performing email and you can create unlimited email templates for your use.

Feedbackwhiz Review

Advanced Data Analytics

Instead of wasting time trying to discover the best way to increase your sales, Feedbackwhiz offers you intelligent insights you can use to make the most important decisions. Access and download historical customer data, open rates, perform A/B test campaigns, create look-alike Facebook campaign or create a custom audience to target specific customers. With advanced data analytics, you can do the following:

Instantly view the performance: You can see the data metrics as per your requirement i.e. in whatever time frame you want. When you instantly toggle between the graphs, you save a lot of time. Moreover, there won’t be any need to depend on Amazon to give you downloadable reports.

Feedbackwhiz Review

Identify important trends: With advanced data analytics, analysis can’t be simpler. You can review important trends and data in just seconds. Further, you can make changes in the offerings of listed products so that your feedback, profit, and sales improve.

Feedbackwhiz Review

Email Tracking: You can find out who all opened the emails which further can help you identify the most effective email campaigns. You can also go for A/B split test of any email campaign to increase the review and feedback conversions.

Feedbackwhiz Review

Template Editor: With the template editor, you get the power to create Amazon clickable button(s) of your choice. What is the dream of every Amazon Seller? To get more and more positive reviews which increase their sales. The template editor of Feedbackwhiz makes it super easy by allowing you to insert clickable button in the emails.

Feedbackwhiz Review

Why go for Feedbackwhiz?

If you are a new Amazon seller, the features mentioned above are enough to help you decide that this is one of the best tools for sellers in the market. But if you are doing the business on Amazon for quite long and have tried many seller-helping tools, then you might be knowing which features are advantageous and which aren’t.

It is important to note that Feedbackwhiz has a very clean, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing interface and all the essential features, as well as metrics, are integrated into one platform. This will save your time. So, concentrate more on increasing your profit.

With Feedbackwhiz, your repetitive tasks such as sending emails are automated. It means you get more time to concentrate on making money. During my research, I also found that thousands of Amazon sellers trust and recommend it.

Are there any Flaws?

When it comes to technology, especially the tools for Amazon sellers, it can’t happen that something is flawless. Feedbackwhiz also has certain shortcomings such as it doesn’t cover all Amazon marketplaces.

Then, which marketplaces are covered by it?

Yes, I have the answer. Currently, Feedbackwhiz is serving the Amazon marketplaces of US, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and France.

Another flaw of Feedbackwhiz is that customer care support is not that effective. When users face issues, they expect an instant answer.

Pros and Cons

  • All the tools in a single platform save a lot of time and resources.
  • Email automation and feedback repair.
  • Advanced analysis reports for the performance, email tracking, and vital trends.
  • You can add clickable button(s) in template editor.

  • Customer support is not up to the mark.
  • Only limited number of Amazon marketplaces are supported.

Final Thought

I feel that Amazon sellers, especially the new ones, should go for Feedbackwhiz because it is a user-friendly Amazon seller software that has all essential tools under one platform. It allows you to manage more sales using the search filter, analyze and download feature, to the group and administer your product reviews and, most importantly repair and protect your brand name.

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