FeedbackFive Review: Is This the Ultimate Solution to Getting More Amazon Reviews?

Are you here for FeedbackFive review? Before that, do you know the relationship between feedback and Amazon customers? It is that 90 percent of buyers completely satisfied with the products won’t leave a feedback while over 80 percent of buyers with a negative experience will leave a reaction.

Are you thinking why Amazon feedback is important?

When someone buys a product on Amazon and gives a rating for that purchase, he or she helps the future customers to find out whether a particular merchant can be trusted or not. Positive feedbacks on Amazon implies enhanced sales and increased customer base. Conversely, negative feedbacks are responsible for decreased sales, the decline in profit, and in the worst case, closure of business on Amazon.

What Amazon merchants can sense from this is that they must have a strategy to get more positive feedback and reviews and minimize or eliminate the negative ones (manage feedback score). As a solution to this many tools are available in the market but most of the Amazon sellers don’t know which one is the best.

As an Amazon seller, are you aware of a tool that can attract more positive feedbacks for you? 

Don’t worry if you are confused because, in this post, I am going to explore FeedbackFive, claimed to be a wonderful Amazon feedback software, and help you find out whether it’s the real deal when it comes to scouting for reviews and feedback.

Why Amazon needs Feedbacks?

Everyone thinks that feedbacks are important for sellers only but not many try to find out that feedbacks are equally important for Amazon. So, before exploring one of the finest feedback tools, it is important to understand why Amazon use feedbacks and why Amazon emphasizes so much on the feedback score of sellers?

For understanding this, I want to comprehend the leadership principles of Amazon. The company is customer-centric, obsessed with the buyers and wants its sellers (you) to have the same perspective. As Amazon has a huge base of independent sellers, it is not possible for it to manually analyze and organize the performance of every Amazon seller.   

In order to automate different features of its platform, Amazon uses the feedbacks and customer ratings. Suppose that your seller feedback ranking declines below their set criteria, there are high chances that you may face removal or at least suspension.

On the other hand, if you are a seller with a good reputation, most of the times receive positive feedbacks and attract more people to purchase your product(s), you will rank higher in the results list.

About FeedbackFive

If you are an Amazon seller, it is very important to gain seller ratings and feedbacks from customers because it not only improves your reputation but increases your sales as well. FeedbackFive is an online software for Amazon merchants that manages feedback and help them intensify their reputation on Amazon.

Yes, FeedbackFive, a popular Amazon merchant’s tool developed by eComEngine, offers a solution for monitoring and managing feedback from buyers. This tool can help you maintain a positive feedback score through an automated feature that solicits feedback from customers, reviews negative feedback left and monitors the success of each product on your listing.

FeedbackFive Review

In short, we can say that this product made especially for Amazon sellers provides them with a complete power over the reviews of customers on their products and store(s) at Amazon.

This is quite a useful tool for Amazon sellers all over the world because it helps them to request feedback and then monitor as well as manage the feedbacks from buyers.

What FeedbackFive does?

As mentioned above, a lot of satisfied buyers don’t provide positive ratings and feedback for the product they purchase. What FeedbackFive do is send personal emails to every customer who purchased your product requesting them to leave a seller feedback.

When the customers receive a simple polite request to leave a feedback, most of them won’t hesitate to rate you well. This further improves your comprehensive rating on Amazon and the effect of negative ratings will automatically fade.

FeedbackFive also excels in proactive communication. It allows the customers to understand that their seller cares about their purchasing experience. Another benefit of personal email sent via FeedbackFive is that you get a chance to address problems before they become big.  

Key Features

This web-based Amazon merchant tool offers some of the most appealing features for products of its kind.

Automated Feedback Solicitation

Once you’ve signed up and set up your account, FeedbackFive will immediately get into work to entice customers to leave feedback for the items received. Through the platform, you can schedule the frequency of feedback solicitation and specify the products you want feedback for. For example, you can set a matrix that the software requests for feedback upon receipt of the product.

Some people doubt whether they can solicit feedback for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) orders. Their concern is genuine and they can be happy because FeedbackFive supports FBA orders at every level of the plans. The FBA program of Amazon provides excellent customer services and fulfillment opportunities to customers, FeedbackFive helps the sellers to make perfect use of those facilities. 

Automate Emails

FeedbackFive offers a range of email templates which it uses to politely request your customers to leave a review. Even without your help, the software can still solicit feedback from buyers using emails in the kindest way imaginable. However, it’s recommended that you format the templates since you’re the one who knows what works best for your customers. You can start with a trial template and then change it if it’s not working. If you’re comfortable with it all that’s left is scheduling your emails.

FeedbackFive Review

Customize Campaigns

Amazon merchants often leverage campaigns to increase their sales and attain their bottom line. There are different campaigns that can be used for this purpose including ad campaigns, advertising campaigns, and email campaigns.

FeedbackFive is especially useful in email campaigns because of its automated email feature. It can send follow-up emails that help your business to engage with the customers. And nothing makes a customer happier than the feeling of being listened and talked to. The good thing for Amazon sellers is that you can set up email campaigns for particular products.

FeedbackFive Review

Automated Alerts

FeedbackFive is one seller tool that can make or break your business. While positive feedback and high review can increase your sales and revenues, the opposite can scare your potential buyers and push them to your competitors.

With FeedbackFive you will get automatic alerts when a customer leaves a negative review on any of your listings. You can then take measures like contacting them or removing the feedback (may require additional software). This way, you’ll be able to maintain a good feedback score (more positive feedback and fewer negative and neutral ones). A good feedback score translates to a good reputation for your brand.

FeedbackFive Review

Review Management

This is Amazon-tool functionality that is not specific to certain industries. It is an advanced feature that allows the seller to have a proactive approach to feedback. Review management goes a long way in improving customer satisfaction and converting unhappy customers to happy ones. FeedbackFive has an all-inclusive platform from where you can assess the quality and a number of reviews for all your product listings.

Real-time review tracking

Getting notification for negative feedback is not enough if you want your brand to maintain a good reputation; the speed by which you deal with the review also matters. FeedbackFive monitors all your reviews in real-time and therefore offers you automatic alerts for the negative feedback.

Product Management

FeedbackFive also helps you in the management of your products. You can select a section of your products to monitor and turn them to your flagship or bestseller products. The software allows you to set up an auto-tracker for Amazon standard identification that meets your requirements.

Analyze metrics

After everything is said and done if you’re unable to analyze your metrics then you’re as good as a merchant not using an Amazon seller tool. You will set different metrics for your product reviews and emails. An example of this is “Shipped items” and “returned items”. FeedbackFive does all the difficult task of analyzing your metrics so you can concentrate on the other equally important tasks of running your business. You can use the results presented by the software to make important decisions concerning your campaigns and product listings.

FeedbackFive Review

Why FeedbackFive outsmarts others?

The market is full of feedback management tools made for helping Amazon sellers but not all of them provide satisfactory results. However, there are only a few feedback tools that feed merchants with what they require the most – positive feedback and increased sales.

FeedbackFive is one of those few, as claimed by many review sites on the internet. Users like it, its features, and the results it provides. The quality reviews collected through it within a very short time help the sellers to make effective changes in their products or approach so that the customers become happy.

Another great thing I noticed about FeedbackFive is that every Amazon seller, whether new or old, can easily use it. Since it is cloud-hosted and co-efficient, you don’t need to worry about sitting at a particular workplace and prepare the next strategy. Moreover, it can help you with your email campaigns. The email templates in it are customizable and requesting product reviews through them is quite easy.

Being a successful Amazon seller means that you should consistently receive good reviews. FeedbackFive which has service-specific features helps the users to monitor and manage their feedback and consequently maintain a positive feedback score.

What FeedbackFive boasts of?

According to the website of FeedbackFive, the following three are the primary reasons they are the best:

  1. Their prime objective is to see you succeed. Whether its customer success team members or developers, everyone always remains ready to support you at every step.
  2. They are adaptable to new changes by Amazon which helps them to provide value to their clients.
  3. They are available since 2009 which means they hold an experience of almost a decade, not many service providers have it.

Is FeedbackFive Flawless?

No, it is not flawless. Like every other tool for managing feedbacks, it also has certain shortcomings but they are different from others. It has limited functions for merchants who want to manage many ASINs. Also, it limited to small and medium businesses.

The Big Question

The biggest question every Amazon seller asks before investing in a feedback management software is that whether it is possible to ask the customers to remove a specific review on their product? This is a common concern of FeedbackFive customers also.

You might be knowing that Amazon policies do not give sellers enough power to request buyers to pull out negative reviews. But, through FeedbackFive you can ask your buyers for more information about their bad experience and send them a help proposal to enhance their experiences.

Pros and Cons

  • Real-time monitoring of positive as well as negative reviews.
  • Customizable email templates.
  • Easily manages the billing on more than one store.
  • Automated review and feedback requests.

  • Limited number of ASINs can be managed.
  • Support is not satisfactory.

Final Thoughts

I believe that FeedbackFive is a useful software for Amazon sellers running small to medium businesses. Although it doesn’t have perfect functionality, it has basic service-specific features that can boost your conversions. It also has a simple and fair pricing plan that allows you to get your ROI. If you’re not certain of the performance of this software you can sign up for the trial to test its usefulness and applicability to your business.

It is true that before purchasing a Feedback Management Software, merchants should consider what experts are saying but it is also equally important to know what other sellers and companies using this software are saying. In this case, FeedbackFive excels because it is liked by many merchants and businesses actively selling on Amazon.

Lastly, I want to say that if you understand the importance of Amazon feedbacks and are ready to take complete control over them, go for a software like FeedbackFive because feedbacks can turn the tides in favor or against you, it is very necessary to take them seriously.

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