Is Feedback Genius a Cheat Sheet for Getting More Amazon Product Reviews?

Is Feedback Genius another technological masterpiece? You might be well-aware of the fact that technology is continuously enhancing the ecommerce world; it is helping the customers in many ways as they can order a product from anywhere in the world from any internet-enabled device and get it delivered to their home or any other place of their choice.

I feel that technological development has helped businesses a lot but increased the overall confusion. When customers are finding it hard to determine whether a product will meet their expectations or not, the sellers are also concerned about the correct marketing strategy to entice new as well as existing customers.

According to the definition of marketing, it supports sales and one way of marketing online products is through product reviews. The perennial symbiosis of marketers and customer reviews is the subject of today’s entry. I have a perverse reflection on Feedback Genius – an automation tool for getting reviews – which could be just what your business needs. 

What is Feedback Genius?

Feedback Genius is a cloud-based auto-communication service tool from Seller Labs. It’s designed to help Amazon sellers automate emails to customers and subsequently improve your feedback score. This tool will automatically engage your customers and send them follow-up emails.

Their website claims that they help the businesses get the Amazon Advertising Advantage. In 2013, a small weekend project intended to help Amazon seller feedback issues was started and it is now an automatic tool that is helping Amazon sellers to get positive feedback from their customers.

Being an Amazon seller, you will get the reviews and feedback with the help of automated emails in no time. This further enhances the customer’s buying experience and you will reach them at the right moment.

Moreover, your reputation is perfectly taken care of, you will get a notification whenever someone provides a seller feedback to you. You can also stop the manual check for seller feedback and product reviews.   

Why Feedback Genius?

Every Amazon seller knows how difficult it is to get feedback of any kind from viewers. In the past, you could offer your audience incentives (product discounts or giveaways) in exchange for reviews. But in 2016 Amazon stopped this method.

So, what’s the best method of getting Amazon reviews?

Using an email follow up sequence, you can motivate your customers to leave a review without being obtrusive. Unfortunately, you can’t do this with ordinary email providers since Amazon doesn’t allow sellers direct access to customer emails. You could set up a follow-up sequence with Amazon, but controlling this when selling plenty of products can make you go crazy.

How it works?

Once you sign up to Feedback Genius, you link it to your Amazon account and it integrates immediately. The site will guide you through the linking process, which takes only a couple of minutes.

You’ll find everything you need for creating an email series on the dashboard of your Feedback Genius. But when you first log in to your account you’ll be taken to a dashboard with a section for feedback summary, current Amazon Ratings and Recently sent messages.

First Message

The primary role in Feedback Genius is played by Messages Tab where you can set-up an email series; choose what you send to your customers, how and when. There’s an email editor with standard formatting buttons you can use to write your email as you would like the customer to receive it. Feedback Genius allows you to personalize the email by putting in variables like the name of the buyer and the item they purchased. You can also attach any bonuses on this page.


A second Page in the Messages tab allows you to choose a delivery option. You can set-up the email to be sent after a specific trigger. The triggers included are:

  • Confirmed
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Returned
  • Marked ‘Out of Delivery’
  • Positive Feedback Left

For instance, you can set up a notification email that notifies the customer that the item he ordered is being shipped. This email can be sent 2 hours after Amazon verifies that the item is packed and is being sent. You can then set up another to be sent 3 days after delivery asking the customer for Feedback.

By setting the emails to “Test Mode”, you can see how the messages will look like on the customer’s side. The test mode filter will direct the messages to your email. If you’re happy with it, you can set the filter to active.

Other filters in the email tab are the exact location your message goes to (in case you sell products to different parts of the world including countries where English is not spoken).

With Feedback Genius, you have complete customization of the messages you sent and whether to continue or to stop the email sequence if the customer has already provided a feedback. 

Key Features

Email Automation

Feedback Genius will send automatic emails to your customers in the background as soon as a specific trigger has been hit.

For example, if the item shows “Delivered” your customer will receive an email saying “We’re glad you’ve received your item. Hope you like it. Here’s a link where you can leave a positive feedback if you like the service if not please let us know what we can do to improve your experience”.

A well-structured email can decrease your negative feedback and increase the positive feedback

The automated emails also increase your customer engagement which further helps you to share information about the product or solicit feedback and product review.

Feedback Monitoring

Feedback Genius can send the customer a follow-up email, say 5 days after the first one to say “Hi. It has been 5 days since you received your order. Hope you like the product. We’ve noticed you haven’t given us any feedback yet. Please do so using the link below or reply this email if you need me to address any issue.

Text Notification with Every Negative Feedback

Because of seller feedback notifications you are able to enhance your reputation as an Amazon seller.Feedback Genius will notify you when you get a low feedback score (negative feedback) a few minutes after a customer has left the review.


A feedback score of 1 and 2 means negative, 3 is neutral while 4 and 5 are positive. A score of 1-3 will lower your overall rating and you can act appropriately by either contacting the buyer or asking Amazon to remove the Feedback.

Free Trial

You can try out Feedback Genius for a month before you purchase a prescription. You can set up email sequence for specific products only if you sell many products on Amazon.

Email Templates

Feedback Genius has about 28 templates you can use which is more than what most other Amazon review tools offer. The unique feature of these templates is that each of them has a particular goal to fulfill.

Multiple Amazon Marketplaces

This tool, Feedback Genius, is at present available for eight different Amazon Marketplaces. They are US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, UK, and Italy. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything for the first marketplace.

Blacklist Buyers

With Feedback Genius, the opted-out buyers won’t receive your emails again. The global blacklist of this tool collects information about several thousand buyers just to save your time and messages. Instead of wasting time on ineffective buyers, you can now invest it in preparing new marketing strategies.

Images and Attachments

Now, your buyer’s buying experience can be enhanced because with product instructions you can add a PDF or more photo(s) of your product within the email’s body.

Order Events

With Feedback Genius, you can assist the buyers at 8 different order events. The messages are sent from the time of confirmation of order until the refund notification, all the messaging needs of an Amazon seller are covered by Feedback Genius.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a high-level strategy categorized as one of the best digital marketing strategies. Feedback Genius uses this strategy to improve the messages of an Amazon seller. The two distinct versions of the same email are sent to find out which email performs better.

Message Delivery Filters

There are more than 10 message filters which helps you to send the correct email message to an appropriate buyer at an appropriate time.

With such exciting features, Feedback Genius has all the qualities of a tool that brings results for Amazon sellers, helps them to get more positive feedback, and acts as a catalyst in boosting their online sales.

What makes Feedback Genius the “Genius”?

There is no doubt that a lot of seller tools are available in the market and all of them claim to be the best one for Amazon sellers. But, Feedback Genius is proving to be “Genius” amongst all. The credit goes to its distinct features which can be trusted by every Amazon seller.

When its advanced filter and sending options allow you to send the right message to the right buyer, its negative feedback monitoring feature notifies you whenever a buyer provides a negative feedback for either your product or the way you have served that buyer.

Its familiar email editor with formatting tool helps you to send the customized emails and you can also attach files and photos about your products. Moreover, you can plan and implement new strategies with the help of message analytics feature and reports presented by it.

It is quite easy to set up your Amazon seller account with Feedback Genius and above all, a free trial plan is also available with which you can experience all its amazing features without spending a single penny. All these qualities make it a “Genius”.

Is Feedback Genius Perfect?

With so many effective and amazing features, any Amazon seller can assume it as a perfect tool for their online business but to their surprise, I won’t call Feedback Genius as perfect. Like every other seller tool in the market, this also has some flaws. While researching, I found that certain Amazon sellers are not satisfied with its offerings.

  • The free trial period is somewhat satisfactory but the facilities do not favor everyone because it supports only one country. So, if you are a seller from America and have subscribed for the free trial period, this will be good for you otherwise not.
  • Some users find it expensive. They say that the number of emails provided for the amount charged is less as compared to other similar options available in the market.
  • Another common complaint is that a limit is put on the number of emails a seller can send. Again, this is different from its competitors.
  • There are some issues with the kind of customer support they provide. Some customers don’t like the way to contact customer support.

Also, there are rumors that Feedback Genius charge for services but do not provide. I found that it is not true and such kinds of comments should be avoided.

Pros and Cons

  • Automatic generation of emails.
  • Unique “Messages Tab” allows you to create a series of emails.
  • Capability to get positive reviews in budget (even if you are a small-scale seller).
  • Monitoring of negative seller feedback.
  • The effective analysis and performance reports of emails sent.

  • Customer support doesn’t seem supportive.
  • Complicated Campaign Organization.

Final Thoughts

Feedback Genius was developed for Amazon sellers who are struggling with making sales due to low reviews. It’s especially useful to small business owners (or start-ups) who have even a harder time to get feedback and don’t have a lot of money to invest in other marketing campaigns.

As you know that customers often go through the reviews and ratings before making any purchase on online marketplace. After using Feedback Genius for many days and analyzing the different experiences of its users, I feel that if you don’t have the time to follow up the buyers on Amazon platform then you should take the help of some automated tool which can send emails to buyers after they get their orders.

And for that, there is no better software than Feedback Genius because it automatically does what you want, no need to worry about positive feedback. In simple words if you want to minimize time and resources in getting reviews, go for Feedback Genius. I suggest that if you have just started selling on Amazon, you have a chance to make the best use of Feedback Genius’s free trial offer. First, see if it boosts the reviews of your products and only if you feel satisfied, move further.

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