ZonPages Review: What’s Exciting About This Amazon Seller Software?

Often when Amazon sellers are starting off, they hit the ground running, so to speak, when it comes to getting information and tools for a successful launching. After learning that seller tools are important – and due to a misunderstanding of the value a good software should provide, many people end up frustrated after paying subscription for several tools, some of which they don’t need and others that don’t really meet their expectations. Is ZonPages one such tool?

Nothing to do with product launching and driving traffic to your Amazon listing is really that simple in reality. But there’s no point in talking about technical things, there’s always a way to simplify the often complex facts – and one of these is using Amazon seller tools. So today I’ll talk about ZonPages, a tool for Amazon sellers.

What is ZonPages?

In a nutshell, Amazon intentions are not for everyone who uses the e-commerce platform to fail. But it will not spoon feed anyone either. So, it allows products with good reviews and feedback to rise and those with zero or very little feedback to fall. It means when people search Google for stuff, they find the best quality products.

It has been proven that Amazon favors product pages with a simple landing. Businesses with the most organic feedback and high reviews also continue to dominate the search market.

ZonPages is software built for Amazon sellers aiming at success. It has many vital and clever “tools” that will help drive targeted audience to your product listing. It shares functions like the popular landing page creator with other platforms. But there are others that are unique so it’s a good idea to just check them out before you pay for multiple subscriptions on other Amazon software platforms.


ZonPages Review

I know it’s kind of customary to discuss features in the order of their appearance but I’ll use a different criterion. I’ll start with the features I think are most exciting.

Landing Pages

I’m not sure if this information will impress you on not, but the landing page building process is entirely centered on templates. ZonPages provide a good range of templates that you can fully customize to blend with the theme of your brand.

Creating a landing page with ZonPages is a wonderful experience because all it takes is to click and drop. It collects all the necessary information (titles, descriptions et al.) and the only thing that’s left for you to do is to enter your product’s ASIN number.

The quality of the creator is at par with many 2018 sales page softwares. It creates one long page and lots of bullet points and beautiful images.

ZonPages Review

You can also monitor your landing and Giveaway pages, and run contests (automatically generate a winner) all from this page.

Coupon Distribution

There’s a misconception that Amazon promotions and Amazon sellers are the same thing; this is so not true. Customers will likely prefer a $ to a % discount because the latter involves a lot of calculation that not many people have time for, especially when making impulsive purchase decisions.

See, when a customer gets a coupon for $3 off a product worth $20, they immediately know they will be paying $17 for this product. This is the same as offering a 15% discount on this product, but many customers won’t look at it this way because they don’t have the patience to do the calculations.

ZonPages offers an easy landing pages that make converting claim codes enjoyable and faster. You can manage your coupon distribution on your ZonPages dashboard and as this is connected to your Amazon Seller Central account, the buyer will only need to click the check mark.

GiveAway Page

GiveAway is a strategy that sellers can use for a more perfect product launch. It involves building proper GiveAway page, using Facebook Video Ads and YouTube to get to your target market, and configuring your FB Pixel more appropriately as this will lower the cost of ads on FB. Finally you can create a perfect email list to make your launch perfect.

Email Autoresponder

ZonPages Review

The ZonPages EAR is another tool that makes this platform a big deal.


It allows you to automatically send emails to your Amazon customers through the Amazon Messaging System depending on the events of the order status. So if it’s not obvious already, you must have an Amazon Seller Central Account to use this service.

ZonPages makes it easy for you to send emails directly from your Amazon account by allowing you to connect to the Amazon API (known as Marketplace Web Service) from a link on the dashboard.

How easy is it to use this service?

Using ZonPages EAR is as easy as ABC. Start by setting up your MWS following simple steps you’ll be given. Once this is done, click the EAR link on the left menu. You need to complete some basic configuration if you are using this tool for the first time.

ZonPages Review

Set your email address (the system will only accept the email you use for your Amazon Central Account), then add in your signature which will feature in all the emails you send through this service.

ZonPages does a good job at tracking packages sent by DHL, FEDEX, UPS and USPS and other less popular shipping carriers. Because of this, they are prompt to send emails when they detect that an item has been delivered. If you want the system not to jump any deliveries, you can specify that in the setting “Use Estimated Delivery Times for Unsupported Carriers”.

A good number of Amazon sellers have also been embarrassed by tools that continue to send emails to a buyer even after they return a product. With ZonPages you can Blacklist customers and prevent any further emails from being sent to them. Or respond immediately to “returned” prompts.

Manage your EAR according to your Email Campaigns. You can for instance Send test email, edit, activate and check order among other things. A tip for using this tool successfully is to avoid spamming your customers. Three emails should be enough…simply use Amazon TOS.

ZonPages Review

Append Emails

New sellers often ask “why should I invest in a seller tool for sending emails when I can do that from my Amazon account?” Well first off there is the high click-back rate that is evident with emails sent directly from Amazon. But another thing is that getting customers real contact information (email address and phone numbers) is almost impossible without the right resources.

Amazon stores your customer’s basic information (first and last name, and postal address) on your sales data page. This is what is matched against a few Big Data databases.

It gets even better, since everyone has to put in their information when making an order on Amazon, you can also get emails of those absconded the basket as long as they fed in their details (address, first name, last name).

Once you get this data, ZonPages allows you to export it to your PC or use it with your EAR or other preferred email marketing tool. As stated on their website, you can even export this data to a Facebook Audience compatible file to allow you to run and manage your Facebook Ads more successfully.

By using ZonPages, you can auto search and append data for your new customers and then send them emails. This automatic solution will leave you with a lot of free time you can use for other things equally important for your business.

A/B Testing

The reality of Amazon seller tools is that even when you have numerous tools set to dispose your campaigns, the result in reality is still complicated.

Your team may be in favor of a particular campaign for instance, but it ends up not delivering as you expected. The ZonPages A/B testing feature allow you to critically examine different campaigns and strategically choose what may best work.

For the testing process, you create twin landing pages but with separate elements. The system will divide customers between the two landing pages and generate statistics after tracking the leads.

Testing the response of your visitors in both circumstances will allow you to know which conversation strategy works best for you.

Inventory Protector

Creating a landing page has been made easy for you. You can create and distribute coupons through a simple “select-and-click” process on your dashboard. You can test what campaign best works for you with the A/B testing feature. So only one thing is remaining, inventory protection.

I don’t know at what point you’ll figure it out but the claim codes you’ll be able to create and generate with this platform don’t have a limit on the number of items. So it’s easy for someone (your competitor) to buy out everything and throw you out of business.

ZonPages naturally comes in here. Through their Inventory Protector tool, you can create and distribute your coupons more comfortably knowing no one will try that stunt on you.

Overview of Features

ZonPages provides a solution to Amazon sellers who want to successfully launch products on Amazon and get real conversions flawlessly. Here’s a rundown of all the features on this platform.

  • Coupon Distributions
  • Link Generator
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging
  • Landing/Giveaway Pages
  • Create promotions
  • Many chat integration
  • Facebook Audiences
  • Inventory Protector
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Collect Emails
  • Client Management
  • A/B Testing.

Dealing with Customers

ZonPages provides two important resources that can help you use your subscription to the maximum; tutorials and Customer care support. Their blog also has helpful information on specific features and updates on new or upcoming features.

Even more importantly, they allow you to access these resources before or after your pay for any subscription and for free.

How People Rate ZonPages?

Many of the ZonPages reviews are on YouTube, which is a good thing because you can see a live demonstration of how the site works.

Facebook Audience Feature – 9/10

One of the reviewers on YouTube is known has Seller Tradecraft. He talks about how you can use ZonPages to build a custom audience on Facebook using your Amazon Customers. Custom audiences are usually the biggest providers of warm leads and can be the most loyal and supportive customers for your business.

ZonPages will use information from its sales data to get the actual customers that buy from you and these are the people your ads will be shown to. This is important because if you have many customers, you can retarget this audience to join your email list and like your social media pages.

What makes ZonPages special is not the fact that it can create for you custom audiences on Facebook, but that it can update this for you automatically, which takes off a lot of baggage for the need to reload your files every now and again.

Landing Page Creator – 10/10

Another YouTube video review by William Vargas talks about the effectiveness of the landing page creator by ZonPages. He gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create beautiful landing pages.

As I said earlier, ZonPages makes it easy for you to create landing pages by letting you key in your ASIN and then it will pull out all the information from your product listing. It only takes a few moments for all your pictures on Amazon page and your prices to show on the dashboard of your ZonPages account and you can now customize it as much or as little as you want.

What Makes ZonPages Tick?

Most of the utilities in ZonPages can be found on other platforms, except that they feature a different approach. They make using all their tools easy since they give you a step-by-step pathway to select the variables necessary.

So although you still need to take part in the process of creating a landing page or creating a Facebook audience for instance, your contribution is quite minimal compared to what the system does for you.

It goes without saying that big wig sellers will also enjoy using this program. Many of the entrepreneurs in this category already have subscriptions to another Amazon seller software.

Pros and Cons

  • One of the best landing page creators.
  • Coding is not required, nor any expertise to develop a strategy.
  • Easy distribution of coupons and discounts amongst new as well as existing customers.
  • Attractive in terms of price and offering.

  • They charge for a 30-day trial whereas some competitors offer free trial.

Final Thoughts

What I would advise is that if the software you’re using doesn’t have the diversity of features you like in ZonPages, then you can dump them and buy you a ZonPages account. Who knows, you may even end up spending less but getting more conversations!

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