Kibly Review: How to Increase Your Amazon Reviews and Feedback Using Kibly

Do you know why the balance sheets of some businesses selling the same product are different? Like you, most of the Amazon sellers also don’t know the reason behind it but they know that tools like Kibly assist in enhancing the profits.

Let me tell you why their balance sheets are different. It is because of the reviews and feedbacks they receive. The sellers on Amazon backed by lots of reviews and positive feedbacks generate higher sales numbers along with increased profits whereas the sellers having none or very few reviews fail to increase their customer base and they earn less or no profit.

Many sellers, by now, have discovered the power of feedback and reviews, the market has experienced a flooding of automation tools for this purpose. Are you also confused and think that is there an automation tool that can increase the number of reviews and positive feedback from your buyers?

Could Kibly be this software?

Well, this review of Kibly by me contains the answers to your concern. After going through it, you will not only have a clear picture of Kibly but will also decide whether it is the perfect tool for your needs. If you want to be one of the top Amazon sellers, you should definitely read it till the end.   

What is Kibly?

Kibly is an email automation tool that uses intelligent technology to coerce your customers to leave feedback and reviews which in turn increase your sales and revenue. They will first A/B test your emails to determine the email template that works best for your customers. You will also be able to enjoy their different feedback solutions like review solicitation emails and real-time statistics of your shipped orders.

Their website claims that Amazon sellers can experience five times more reviews, feedback, sales, and rankings with their Plug-N-Play Customer Engagement Engine, Kibly.

How Kibly Works?

Kibly is an effective solution to getting more feedback and reviews for Amazon listings. It’s easy to set up (takes about 3 minutes) as you only need to link it to your Amazon account. It is an automated service so once you’ve set it up you can continue with other tasks that contribute to your sales without worrying about reviews.

Kibly Review

First, Kibly will send personalized, customer-friendly emails to customers who have placed an order with you. Customer service, as you probably know by now, plays a big role in getting your products off the shelf. Buyers tend to trust Amazon sellers who use a pro-active approach to meeting their needs.

By Kibly sending your buyer a message before they start to worry if the shipment is on the way, they assure your customers that you’re thinking about them. The message can be something as simple as “Hi. We have received your order number xxx and are currently preparing it for shipping.” Or “Hi. We have just shipped your items from order number XXXX.”

The customer will be so excited that they’ll be impressed by your fast delivery (even if it took quite a while). They will be happy to leave a feedback with just a small prompt.

Kibly will follow up on the purchase a few days later and politely ask the buyer to leave a review.

Customize You Email

The only thing that Kibly will ask of you is to choose your preferred template and customize your emails. If you’re selling more than 5 products, it can be increasingly difficult to follow up on each unit sold of every product. Once you have set-up your emails, Kibly’s automation system will do all the work for you.

Kibly Review

Key Features

Although there are users who would argue that the functionality of Kibly is too basic, the features offered with an installation of this software can actually take your business from 0-10 really quick. The best feature in Kibly is the 3-minute setup with the freedom to schedule your emails with just one click. Here are other features to look forward to.

Kibly Review

A/B split tester

Split testing allows you to decide exactly what works with you. Kibly offers a variety of templates but not all of these apply to all businesses. Through A/B testing you’ll see what your customers love and comes out as most unique and authenticate. Customers love a human approach instead of machine interaction; and A/B testing checks for the most human approach.

Product rank tracker

Many Amazon sellers dip their hands into multiple products with the complete knowledge that not all of them will give good returns. This Kibly feature will automatically rank the products you’ve listed on Amazon based on parameters such as the number of items sold, number of reviews given and number of returns among others.

Kibly Review

Blacklisting Customers

Customers that leave negative reviews can kill your sales. Some of these customers have been legitimately disappointed with the products while others are just malicious and aim at destroying the reputation of your brand. Kibly can blacklist these customers and hide their reviews from showing in addition to denying them access to give a review.


Additional incentives with your orders is always a big plus for your Amazon business. You can attach anything from a PDF file for giving your customer more insight about your product to a gift voucher with a “Thank You Email” that you’re sending to a customer who has received their item. Kibly also allows you to attach an image and Logo embedded file with your email.

Template Variety

Kibly templates have a simple but appealing design. While there are many template options to choose from, it’s possible that you won’t find one that meets your needs. Choose a template that comes close to what you’re looking for and then customize it to your preferred specifications.

Seller Feedback Tracking

Feedback can make a big difference in the number of repeat customers you get. Kibly offers you an option to create product tracking link with your emails.  Feedback tracking helps minimize the number of negative feedback and increase the number of positive feedback.

Summary of Statistics

You will receive a summary of statistic for your reviews, feedback and product sales on the main page of the Kibly platform. Statistics are useful in making important decisions concerning your marketing, target audience and products to push.


Kibly is a web-based software and that means you don’t have to download anything. If you have questions concerning the tools or features you can chat with customer care on their website. You can also send them an email with any issue like billing assistance and technical support.

What makes Kibly the best?

If a tool/software is loved by so many people, it surely contains some unique attractions. Similarly, Kibly also has that one interesting feature. It helps Amazon sellers to enhance their sales consistently by providing them with more time to come up with the new product(s).

With this benefit, even the newbies are able to generate the monthly sales of 5 or 6 figures and that too in just 6 to 8 months after launching their product.

Moreover, its features are also responsible for its greatness. The interface of Kibly holds simple design and is easy to use. There is no limit on email customization and the whole process can be set up in just 3 minutes.

With its 1-click email scheduler, you get extra time to focus on your products and another time-saving feature is its email templates. They not only save the time but also give your approach a professional touch because they are tested and pre-loaded.

Kibly Review

The Secret Behind…

Most Amazon sellers impressed by Kibly’s features and achievements want to know the secret behind all this. However, the secret is simple but most of the Amazon sellers don’t pay any attention to it.

Do you also want to know?

The key is to turn the customers into fans, the fans who admire your approach and end up leaving 5-star reviews for you. You may think if the product is good, the customers will automatically leave a good review.

But that’s not the truth. A good product is, of course, a plus point but it is only the primary step. And most customers don’t leave a feedback even if your product is good.

In such a situation, you need to be in regular touch with them from the time they order your product. Your intention that you are always present to help should be very clear to the people who purchase your product. When you do this, they will realize that you are not here just to make a sale, instead, you are with them until they completely understand your product. And this realization will turn them to reward you with a nice review and 5-star rating.

Kibly Review

So, Kibly is the best?

At a time when technology and innovation are at the peak, we can’t claim any tool to be the best because as soon as some new thing comes into the market, something better is available in next few days.

That’s why most software companies and technical devices release new and fruitful updates every now and then. This way companies provide value to customers. With time, Kibly has also improved a lot but there are still some shortcomings that don’t make it the best.

The first weakness is related to what I mentioned just now. There are other Amazon seller tools present in the market and they are a bit better. In comparison to their features, Kibly has a limited number of features (though Kibly’s features are effective).

A second weakness that prevents Kibly from being the best is its customer care service. Some of their customer say that their customer care service is not up to the mark. They need to improve in this field.

So, you see despite being well-organized and having effective features, there are still chances for improvement. There are some competitors who rank higher in terms of features and customer base. So, Kibly has to work a bit harder.

New Features

In the race to be the best Kibly has introduced some new features. They are:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing: This kind of marketing means making use of different platforms in the marketing campaign. So, Kibly helps you through different platforms such as Display Ads, Social Media, YouTube, Email, Retargeting, and Direct Mail. More platforms mean more touch points to engage with your customers. This will help you in building trust and the customers will eventually rate you higher on Amazon.
  • Direct Mail Marketing: Though direct mail is not an emerging channel but still one of the most effective. Kibly has done an innovative thing, it has combined the online marketing with direct mail. With this feature, Amazon sellers can directly send email to a buyer soon after purchasing a product. The content of this mail can be any promotional offer or just a follow-up message.
  • Link Shortening Tool: Being an Amazon seller (or an online seller), you never know which platform buyers will reach. It is important to be aware of the channels receiving the highest traffic. This is where Kibly’s new feature, Link Shortening Tool, helps. It allows the sellers to find out which website redirected their customer to their product’s landing page. Moreover, this tool shortens the long links so that they can be perfectly used on different channels.

Pros and Cons

  • Can be set up in just 3 minutes.
  • Simple interface makes it easy to use.
  • A/B Split Testing to reach the perfect strategy.
  • Can blacklist customers having intentions to damage your reputation.

  • Less number of features than competitors.
  • Inefficient customer support.

Final Thoughts

Kibly can be a useful tool for anyone who wants to monitor their product listings closely and increase the number of feedback and reviews from buyers. They offer an astonishing number of emails for every plan but should you run out of emails they will automatically refill them and bill you later.

With their smart email delivery, your customers will get your message in perfect timing. They will also monitor your negative feedback and offer suggestions on how to minimize or eliminate them.

I personally feel that Kibly offers a good set of features and their pricing is also the best. Above all, they are offering a 14-days free trial which means you can try on your own whether the complaints of bugs in their interface are real or not.

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