The Ultimate Efficient Era Review: What Is It And Is It The Right Tool For Your Business?

Are you aware of business management automation solutions like Efficient Era? It’s no secret that salespeople are increasingly talking to managers about such tools because they see the potential in solutions that analyze user data in real time and match the offers to their needs.

Today, Amazon rules the e-commerce world. As a budding online seller, you and I are left with the choice to understand this primary marketplace and the work done on it. Then, adapting accordingly will help us to succeed on this platform.

If you are also a start-up Amazon business or have multiple businesses which are painful for you to manage, don’t worry you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll explore an automation tool that can help you manage your reviews, VAT tax invoicing, assist with inventory analytics and provide inventory notifications, keywords, Post Order Emails, and others.

About Efficient Era

In order to succeed on Amazon platform, a lot of things need your focus such as the product you are selling, quality of that product, your competitors, your sales metrics, and how you are handling your customers during and after the sales.

All this is not possible until you have ample time and energy to devote to every sale but time is one element Amazon sellers don’t have enough. In order to increase the sales and profit, they have to take the help of online tools, made especially to help them.

One such tool is Efficient Era, the all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers aiming to increase conversion and that too, without sweating much. The variety of features in this Amazon seller tool can save you thousands of dollars on other single-purpose tools and exorbitant PPC consultation.

On the surface, selling on Amazon appears like an easy task. You sign up to the platform, ship your products to Amazon and let them handle shipment to your customers, and then just monitor sales and get your share of the sale.

Sounds easy?

If it were that simple, everyone would be a successful Amazon seller.

On the background, however, there are a lot of things that go into a successful sale. To begin with, you have to register your business and document your returns. This means you must include VAT tax when invoicing your customers and calculate profitability.

The most valued feature on Efficient Era is a business dashboard from where you can analyze your sales and profits. You can use this platform not only to eliminate the products giving you poor returns but also to use the range of 20 plus different tools to improve your sales as well.

How Efficient Era Works?

Efficient Era is a management platform with an assortment of tools that save a seller’s time by monitoring their product listing so they can concentrate on improving their business. Sellers often spend a lot of time using different vendor tools to achieve their bottom line.

Email Automation Tools

Efficient Era has all the tools a seller requires under one umbrella. The Email automation tool can help you run an Email campaign or just communicate with your buyers to get more reviews. With this tool, you can customize your templates, set auto-response and add placeholders to give buyers the confidence that you’re ready to help when they need you.

Customer Insight

The range of customer insight tools can help you achieve two things with your VIP customers. You can create a VIP list by importing a list of your most loyal customers based on the feedback you receive. You can then use this tool to include their emails in your email list so that you market only selected products to them.

Data Analysis and Reports

The Efficient Era database contains all your product searches. You can analyze your reviews, your returns, questions and generate a report data up for everything down to the products.

Buy Box Alerts

Improve your Seller account metrics, Buy Box Percentage and listing ranking with the Buy Box alert tools offered by Efficient Era. Get instant email notification when there’s an attempt to hijack your Amazon listings by piggy-backers or hijackers.

Efficient Era Review

Efficient Era needs access to Amazon seller account, can it be trusted? Is it safe?

This is a very common question from every seller going for online tools for sellers. I found that for Efficient Era, the security of their users is a serious matter. PBKDF2 algorithm along with the SHA256 hash encrypts all the passwords. And, all the credentials of an Amazon seller are protected with AES-GCM 256-bit encryption.

Besides this, they also provide a two-factor authentication method for logging into services and servers. Firewalls protect all the servers and regular security updates make Efficient Era one of the most trusted tool for Amazon sellers.

Key Features

Efficient Era is an integrated all-in-one tool for managing Amazon product listings. Let me tell you this platform has over 10 features spread across the different tools. To show you the important role they play in your success, I am briefly describing the important ones: 

Sponsored Product Automation

Sponsored Products is an Amazon tool that boosts the visibility of your product by placing ads under the product on detail pages or search results. You can leverage sponsored products to increase your profitability through automation.

Feedback Manager

You know that reviews and feedback plays an important role in the success of an Amazon seller. Engaging with your customers (using automated email feature) can help you get more leads and sales.

Efficient Era Review

This feature analyzes your reviews and feedbacks and gives them a score. Positive feedback influences the buying decision of prospective customers. Remember that any review or feedback is better than no review.

Promotions Tracking

Being able to run a successful promotion is imperative for any Amazon seller who wants to attain his/her bottom line. Efficient Era can automate tracking of your promotions leading to more brand engagement and loyalty as well as increased sales.

Efficient Era Review

The program can monitor the achievement of your promotions whether it’s offering a gift for every item ordered or seasonal product discounts. This way you can ensure that you’re getting ROI (Return on Investment) on promotions.

Profits Dashboard

With Efficient Era, you can analyze your existing inventory, sales, profit margins, and net revenues down to every product listing. You will also receive an inventory forecast for each of your items. Profits analysis helps you identify your important sales so that you know which products to eliminate and which ones to give more attention.

Efficient Era Review

Order Data Management

One of the analytics tools on the platform is Order Data Management. With this, you can generate a report for all your items ordered individually or collectively. You’ll be able to identify products that are going out of the shelf faster and you can use this data for target marketing your products.

Email Automator

Using the Email Automator of Efficient Era is quite easy. From the time of placing an order until it is delivered and even after that you can weave your buyers through dynamically created messages. You can include the links of feedback in those emails and ask them for reviews and feedback.

Efficient Era Review

Returns Tracker

You might be knowing that a higher return rate is bad for an Amazon seller and your product(s) can become FBA ineligible. In severe cases, it also leads to suspension. With the returns tracker feature of Efficient Era, it is easy to track the return rate of every product and this will further help you to measure its contribution to the whole return rate.

Did you get the other benefit of returns tracker?

Ok, I will tell you. A buyer usually leaves a negative review at the time of creating a return. But with returns tracker, you can take early action and prevent the buyer from negatively reviewing your product.

Inventory Analyzer

Sometimes your products are highly in demand and your sales increases. With the inventory analyzer of Efficient Era, you not only visually track the stock and sales but also get alerts for the same. You can relate these charts with special events, campaigns or days. This way you will always be ready when sales increases suddenly and impacts your inventory.

Efficient Era Review

Funnel Manager

This is a new feature that helps you with an email list, so you never miss an opportunity to entice your customers. You offer them coupons and discounts via social media platforms like Facebook. With the Funnel Manager of Efficient Era, you can match your emails from the list with the orders created on Amazon. It also helps you detect the claimed Amazon promotions.

Data Warehouse

When your Amazon sales data is scattered across pages, reports, and listing, Data Warehouse helps you quickly sort, search, and filter your data. You can get a clean, normal, and well-organized data in one place. Also, you can export these sheets for advanced analysis, customer retention, and offline retargeting.

Efficient Era Review

VAT Invoice Automator

In some parts of the world, such as Europe, generating VAT invoice is time-consuming and complicated. As the name suggests, you can automate the creating and sending procedure of VAT invoices to each customer who buys your product. You can also send a link to them where they can fill a form and request to generate a VAT invoice.

Efficient Era Review

Ad Manager (Beta)

You can save big on Amazon PPC ads. This is the beta version of Ad Manager from Efficient Era and helps you to build, manage, and modify the campaigns of your sponsored products. Ad Manager and Seller Central data’s synchronization helps you instantly optimize the changes.

Efficient Era Review

Is Efficient Era Productive?

Whenever you come across any product or service for your business, you always wonder will it be productive or not, the same is the case with Efficient Era. Despite so many features, some sellers still question its effectivity.

I analyzed what most users of Efficient Era are saying and found that maximum of them are satisfied with this tool. The most pleasing thing for them is that all the amazing and necessary features are present under one roof. The pricing plans are quite simple and they don’t have to pay anything extra for additional features.

Another feature that makes it a productive tool is its useful analytics and charts. You can use them to make decisions beneficial for your business. Its user-friendly dashboard is also a great help in quickly analyzing the sales data and charts.

Is Efficient Era Flawless?

With so many great features and benefits, thinking that Efficient Era is flawless is somewhat right but I would like to remind you that no software is flawless, at least in this era when every now and then a new and advanced software tool is born.

Efficient Era is not flawless. Some users complain that they are not interested in using all its features, instead want to use a single tool but they are not provided with an option to pay for only one tool.

But why they don’t offer individual tools?

Yes, this is a genuine question and I found that they have an answer to this. They say that their tools are designed to work in a holistic and integrated way. It means the performance of one tool depends upon the data present or calculations done in another tool. They are right.

Pros and Cons

  • All useful solutions in one tool, freedom from multiple software tools.
  • Ad Manager provides bigger savings on Amazon PPC ads.
  • Easily readable and understandable dashboard.
  • Value for money.
  • Saves a lot of time and money.

  • You cannot subscribe to tools separately.

Final Thoughts

Efficient Era is an all-in-one brand management platform with features and tools any Amazon seller can leverage for more profits. It is an affordable solution to vendors who want to monitor their product listings but don’t want to use all their time doing that.

I personally feel that if you are able to increase positive reviews and reduce negative reviews, your sales will somehow increase but if you can prepare an effective marketing strategy on the basis of your overall performance on Amazon, your sales and profit can jump manifolds. So, if you want to quickly achieve success as an Amazon seller, you should definitely take the help of a seller helping tool, go for Efficient Era.

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