AMZPromoter Review: A Gateway to Leverage External Traffic or Just a Money Waster?

Today’s review is about one of the most famous landing page generator, AMZPromoter. But before starting with anything let me ask you, do you know what is an Amazon landing page?

It is a page on the website(s) that promotes the products of Amazon sellers and offers wonderful customer service. The traffic is usually driven from blogs and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Most of the landing pages are promotional and usually trade the visitor’s information like an email address for some voucher code that can be redeemed while purchasing a specific or any product of a particular brand at Amazon.    

AMZPromoter is a landing page vendor who has faced a lot of criticism for charging exorbitantly for their services. The platform, however, claims that with their multiple customization options, features, and integrations, it is the ultimate solution for product promotions off Amazon.

Is their offer exaggerated? Is it worth your investment? Let’s find out in this review.

What is AMZPromoter?

This is a digital software that helps Amazon sellers to leverage the power of external traffic and sales funnels to increase sales and revenue.

According to the AMZPromoter website, the major strength of this provider is in building landing pages and automated coupon delivery.

They also offer other Amazon seller solutions including Automated Facebook Marketing, inventory protection and automatic capture of customer details among other.

In simple words, AMZPromoter empowers sellers, like you, on Amazon to quickly make the landing page for their products. These pages are then advertised to prospective customers through different platforms like email, blogs, social media, and others.

When the prospective customers arrive on your landing page, they are prompted to trade their email address for a coupon valid for either one or all of your products and when they opt-in, they become eligible for the discount coupon. Finally, an email containing the instructions along with a coupon claiming link is sent to them.   

All this helps you to emerge as a winner in this highly competitive Amazon marketplace. It seems if you are an Amazon seller and not using any external tool, the road to success is not at all smooth.

However, AMZPromoter claims that it provides the Amazon sellers with an opportunity to target prospective customers they otherwise can’t reach. This further increases the sales and drastically boosts the organic rankings of Amazon sellers.

How AMZPromoter Works?

Based on the recent ban on incentivized reviews by Amazon, many sellers are seeking alternative avenues for driving traffic to their listing and making sales. One worthwhile alternative is creating promotional landing pages.

A landing page is the “honeypot” page on any product listing. This page is designed to persuade a customer to share essential information and in turn, win a coupon. It’s possible to create such a page using a generic landing page builder or other software such as WordPress.

AMZPromoter Review

AMZPromoter uses neither of these and instead has a sales funnel software customized to meet the needs of Amazon sellers seeking to create landing pages. This platform expedites the process of creating a landing page by having everything you need ready so you only need to confirm and click on next.

AMZPromoter’s landing pages are easy to modify as they allow custom JS and CSS. According to their website, this makes it possible for their customers to receive hundreds, if not thousands of impressions.

Other things you can do on this Amazon seller platform once you have signed up include automation coupon distributions, automating Facebook Marketing and automating your coupon distribution.

Creating a Landing Page with AMZPromoter

First, you must optimize your on-page content as this provider imports ASIN information directly from your AMAZON account. Ensure that your content is weighty and well written because poorly written contents can impact the landing page negatively and it further affect your customer base as well as sales.

AMZPromoter Review

After uploading all your product data and you can see it on your dashboard, use the backend to edit and customize it as you see necessary. You can then introduce your promotional code, the discount and the time limit.

Also, add other things like a promotion video or testimonial (if you have permission) which will make your landing page even more interesting.

Key Features

State-of-the-art Technology

AMZPromoter uses Amazon S3 and Heroku to host landing pages. Further, they secure your credentials using CloudFlare and OpenSSL AES 256-bit encryption. To ensure you enjoy their messaging tool, the platform carefully configures all messages and servers to ensure all the emails sent through them pass spam filters and using a premier transactional emailing provider known as SendGrid for their email delivery.

A Variety of Landing Pages

AMZPromoter offers stunning landing page options including product description, branding options, product images, scarcity timer, ad compliant footer, videos and FAQ among others. They have optimized the landing pages for all gadgets to ensure you get the highest possible conversion rate.

AMZPromoter Review

Automatic Capture of customer Emails

AMZPromoter uses a sales funnel software that’s able to automatically capture emails when giving out Amazon coupon codes. You can use this to build your email list useful for building better customer relationships, boosting your ranking, launching new products and for cross product promotions.

When you get the emails of all the people interested in your product(s), you can use them to gain feedback from the customers or you can also use them to distribute your products’ information.

AMZPromoter Review

Auto Facebook Marketing

Do you want to increase your product reviews, launch a new product successfully or cross-sell certain products? You can customize your Facebook audience with AMZPromoter to have a better reach of your audience.

AMZPromoter Review

With this feature, you can send all your customers on Amazon to Facebook and save plenty of time while achieving these goals.

Facebook Chatbot Campaigns

There are many ways you can follow to make online marketing campaigns. Your efforts will be successful when you focus on a single medium or combine more than one. This software utilizes Facebook to successfully launch a marketing campaign.

During your promotions, you can leverage the power of Facebook Messenger chatbots to make the most conversions. AMZPromoter can help you minimize friction in your funnel when using Facebook Ads for product promotion by connecting with your Facebook chatbots.

AMZPromoter Review

Automates Coupon Distribution

With the automatic coupon distribution feature of AMZPromoter, you can use a single coupon for running your promotions and boosting your revenues.

AMZPromoter Review

Ranking Boost Through Promotions

Using the AMZPromoter’s URL builder tool, you can create three types of links; Search & Buy URL. SuperURL and Normal URL. You can also rotate between the links using the rotating feature when ranking multiple keywords.

Inventory Protection

The newly launched inventory protection aspect of AMZPromoter helps in keeping the inventory safe at the time of running promotions. You can easily put maximum purchase limits and prevent the buyers from wiping out your inventory at the time of heavy discounted promotions.

AMZPromoter Review

Multiple Marketplaces

AMZPromoter can be used by Amazon sellers in 6 main countries; US, ES, FR, IT, DE and UK. They also support multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

Are AMZPromoter and Amazon in harmony?

This is a genuine question and everyone impressed by and interested in AMZPromoter often asks. For all such folks, we can say that their website claims to be in harmony with Amazon.

AMZPromoter is 100% compliant with the terms of service of Amazon. They also say that not even a single user has ever reported any account related problem while using their software. This seems trustworthy! 

Why AMZPromoter excels?

AMZPromoter search results from Google can somewhat discourage you from this provider. Many of the people who have reviewed this product are concerned about the high cost of their products and their limited tools.

However, limited tools mean they don’t have any unnecessary tools. What’s the use of flooding an application with redundant tools? When you look closer at this platform you’ll see that some of their tools are great for someone looking at the best way to market Amazon products off Amazon.

If you are a user of AMZPromoter, it will not only automatically send coupons and follow-up emails to your prospects but also export contacts to a CSV to make your campaign easier. But when contacts are present in this software, you can filter them by status, ASIN or campaign.

When you start preparing the strategy, you will find that it has multiple landing page themes. Its analytics dashboard allows you to track your conversions, conversion rate, users and page views. Moreover, it allows you to set a limit on the number of coupons a customer can claim daily.

Is AMZPromoter the best?

Despite such effective features, this tool can’t be categorized as the best because of some negative vibes. There are people who complain that AMZPromoter offers a limited number of features compared to some of its competitors. Some extra features people want to see on this platform are inventory protection, Facebook audience integration, and coupon purchase attribution among others.

There is one more concern that prevents it from becoming the best. It is thought to be more expensive in comparison to other promo-code delivery services in the market but, remember that it’s working is not limited to the delivery of promo codes.

AMZPromoter could be a great asset to any amazon seller looking for an off-Amazon product promotion tool. The use of Facebook and Email campaigns can increase your traffic significantly as shown below.

AMZPromoter Review

The platform is most popular for its landing page creation feature and promo-code delivery services but it has a host of other features such as auto-Facebook marketing that can help you reach your bottom line.

Is AMZPromoter worth to invest?

After going through all the features mentioned above, most sellers might find it attractive but we believe that putting your money in a landing page vendor should be nothing but the investment. I am highlighting a few points about AMZPromoter which somehow ensures that you will get handsome returns. They are:

  • Absolute Funnel Solution: There are several unique features, all essential for Amazon sellers, such as email bypass, page embed, image slider, YouTube video embed, scarcity indicators, and many others.
  • High Conversion: The landing pages you get on this platform exists after being tested several times. After testing several landing page iterations, only the templates with a high conversion rate are presented to you.
  • Quick Setup: With its super intuitive wizard, you can quickly set it up.
  • Integration: At present, it is integrated with leading names such as ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and MailChimp. More are in the queue.
  • From Amazon Sellers: This software is made by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. So, you can be sure that every policy or changes in policies are taken care of.   

Can AMZPromoter Stop Fraudulence?

When AMZPromoter was developed, special emphasis was made on filtering and security. Many security options are present in this software which not only reduce the claims of fraudulent coupons but prevents other malicious acts also.

Some of the security features are:

  • The requirement of an email address to access the coupon.
  • Need to verify the email before providing the customer(s) with the coupon.
  • Limiting the number of coupons; only one coupon code for every email address.
  • Limiting the number of coupons; only one coupon code for every IP address.
  • Facility to block junk and temporary email addresses.
  • Restriction on the total number of coupons sent for every campaign.

Pros and Cons

  • A unique sales funnel intended to help Amazon sellers grow.
  • Email marketing tool runs timed promotions (such as Black Friday sales).
  • Easy establishment of the advertisement(s).
  • Traffic directly driven to the landing page.

  • Limited number of features.
  • A bit expensive than its competitors.

Final Thoughts

Being an Amazon seller is not enough, you should have a proper strategy to increase your sales otherwise you have to depend on Amazon. Every seller knows that dependency on Amazon can’t make their business a renowned brand, they should do something extra.

After analyzing AMZPromoter, I feel that it is promising. All its features are effective and bring results. If you want to increase your sales, rank higher in Amazon search results, and get the customer’s email at the same time, you should definitely go for AMZPromoter because it provides many solutions beneficial only for Amazon sellers.

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